Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--November 3, 2008

We want you to try something a little different. Today, take a few minutes to configure a list of things someone close to you, or someone who makes a difference in your life, might need. By holding this list up to the Light, both literally and figuratively, you are telling the Universe that you want to help this person. You can write down their needs with your good intentions, whether it is for great health, prosperity, romance, spirituality or any of dozens of other things that you may deem necessary of helpful.

Why are we turning this message around from what your needs are to the needs of others? It's pretty simple. By spending a little time focusing on the values and your loving intentions for others, you will be giving them a much needed boost in help, by virtue of the fact that you are notifying Spirit and loved ones. Any time you ask for assistance, Spirit is alerted and does its best to create the gift you want for them. The other reason this is an important thing to do is equally as simple. Whenever you genuinely ask for help for someone, and it comes from the heart, the Universe will reward you. This is part of the Golden Rule.

In addition, you improve your ranking and standing from a soul level. "Regular" people who spend a little time showing love for someone else are always rewarded. Very much like the Law of Prosperity, God and Spirit do their best to repay you in kind, many times in multiples of your effort. In essence, this is a way to get society to recognize the power of prayer and manifestation. Since Spirit always wants you to succeed, we will continue to pass along pointers that will make it happen more easily. You can make a difference in the world one person at a time, one good deed at a time. These are the spoken words of Spirit.


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