Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--November 13, 2008

Today begins a new opportunity. Awaken yourself to a rise in self awareness, to eradicating useless feelings of self-doubt. If you want to make a difference in your life, then be the difference in your life. Each day is a revitalized time for you to change the things you don't like and embrace the ones that you do. Spirit is exulting with the optimism that can surge within each of you. What about you? Do you have that same enthusiasm about your mind? After all, it is within the crevices of your brain--your mind--that enables you to make a choice to be different than you were the day before, even the moment before. In a nanosecond, you can unfurl a new approach and attitude. Let it be contagious. Let others know that you are no longer going to waddle in the gloominess that life can sometimes invade your space with.

What do we mean by let others know? It's pretty simple. In the reference in this message, it is to tell someone who makes a difference in your life that they are making a difference. Who might that be? Is it a friend, a lover, your parent, sibling, boss, or is it someone you may respect but have not had the courage to communicate with? Feel free and safe to share your feelings and love. Why force yourself onto a form of a solitary path when you could just as easily open and keep open your heart and heartfelt thoughts? Often, the delay in individual happiness comes only because, as a physical person, you are hesitant to let your pleased thoughts and emotions flow in thanks to someone who lifts you up. We--Spirit--lift you up all the time, and we are lifted up by your efforts to make your life and world a better community. For this, we thank you. These are the spoken words of Spirit.

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