Monday, November 3, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--November 4, 2008

Today defines a time when freedom allows you to vote for whomever you want. While Spirit has your best interests in mind all the time, we only ask that you remember to do the same thing for the long-term. Enjoy your ability to make a difference, but do not allow yourselves to get caught up in short-term, emotional reactions to which you base your choices.

We needed to get that out of the way. It is our preference that all people remain free, but not so free that they forget where the real guiding force comes from. You will be entering a small stretch of time that some may feel responses to not getting what they want should be to behave tumultuously. That is perfectly fine with Spirit as long as you recognize that you should only hurt yourself and not others. Of course, we don't really want that either. This is where the crux of our message lies. It is simply for everyone to realize that their freedom has been influenced by God. There is always a master plan at work, however, if human free will alters the sanctuary that Spirit wants you to have, we will find another way for it to work out. Just like America is suppose to be UNITED, so too is our love for you. The benefits of having differing opinions is what makes your lives so special. It is important not to lash out in anger or "name call" if the results oppose your philosophy. It will be a step back in your path of spiritual growth.

This growth that we speak of is a path of serenity, love and Light. It is a bond with God and Spirit that makes you a stronger person. The world will not come to an end today, but it will give many good people a chance to rethink their decisions; to look at the power that society can wield, both positive and negative. Why not embrace the positive? Why not truly envision all aspects of life and go according to pure and simple spiritual principles? Isn't that why your soul has been given a physical life? Sure it is. Learn, learn, learn. That's the key to advancing in the afterlife. Be educated and strong. Be a peacemaker and make sure that your views do not cause others to feel ridiculed. Today, all we ask is for you, above all else, to honor the value and sanctity of life. These are the spoken words of Spirit.

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