Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--December 11, 2008

Life will give every person a chance to resonate with purity. It is simply up to each individual as to whether or not they take part in this gift. Life can be stress-free. It is a good time to step back from the schedule juggling that this time of year brings. Instead, peer into your inner self. See if you can hear the love that reverberates from this personal piece of the Golden Light. You actually do represent a peace from God, as you are a piece of Him.

Spirit will never look to dispose of or dismiss any single person's feelings. You are entitled to think the way you do. It is a right of all free people to have choices. It is exactly what God intended upon the creation of society. Counter opinions help to elevate people to their highest good, even if it comes out of a disagreement. However, when you make a conscious choice to ignore the value of God in your life and society, struggles will happen. If you have the facility to comprehend this, then it also should be known that the way you carry and present yourself in society is the same way the universe will treat you. Live life with the confidence of knowing that you are embedded with God and Spirit. By doing so, you take away the strength of those who carry their own life in a less ideal way. You dis-empower people who do not have your highest good at heart because you know you can be the director in your own life, and not them.

Our goal today has been just to ignite the Light within! You are hereby being given the message to absorb love, to absorb peace and more to the point, it is to make you feel released of the harm that others may have previously caused you. You are singularly important to the world. Let the love shine! Let your soul encourage other people to resonate to their highest purpose. Having company in this manner is always helpful. Please accept the blessings given to you from the highest levels of love as we march on the path with you. These are the spoken words of Spirit.

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