Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--December 22, 2008

Life is full of extremes. At any given time, you could feel hot, cold or in between. You might be hungry or full to the point of feeling like you will burst. Some have excess riches, while others are homeless. There are people who feel overwhelmed by the love others show them, and then there are those who think no one even cares whether or not they are alive.

If you can relate to the more negative aspects of what was just written, then we tell you that it can all change to the polar opposite. Within each person is the mechanism for creating changes. If you don’t like what you have, stop looking for someone else to bail you out and instead take a few moments to discern what you can do to begin the process of being rewarded by God and Spirit’s infinite abundance. Do not feel frustrated by this message, nor think it is impossible. Everything is possible, otherwise the earth and world, as we know it, would not exist. If there is one thing that will not help you, it is to cast negative thoughts on those who have more than you do. It will only send a message to the universe that to be happy will only lead to yourself being scorned, thus you will not get what you need. Bless those other people and feel thankful that they are not struggling. Today, it is all about taking minor steps to adjust your routine. If your pattern of life has you feeling stressed and depressed, you have nothing to lose if you make some adaptations. We know you can do it! Give yourself a Christmas of Holiday present!

For those of you on the happier, wealthier, healthier side of this message, Spirit asks you to also take a few minutes to see how you can continue on that path. It is not about greed, but rather sharing knowledge and the gifts you already have. It is not about forced redistribution to those in need, because that often leads to laziness and holds people ultimately in the same pattern of “lack.” They will never feel inspired to move forward. What it is about is giving from your heart, as you already know that the universe repays you for your generosity. If you can financially help someone, by all means go ahead, but we do request that you teach—not lecture—about how the recipient can achieve their own greatness. By sharing what you know consciously and subconsciously, the world will become a sweeter place to live. These are the spoken words of Spirit.

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