Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--December 3, 2008

Solace and peace. These are the words we wish to bring to your souls to benefit your physical selves. Spirit is joyful today for many reasons. In a matter of very little time, our words are now resonating to thousands. We ask that you share in the happiness you have been redeeming from our words by sharing them with anyone and everyone. It will bring comfort and peace to you. Sharing good news and helpful words of encouragement, or endearment, are good ways to be rewarded with a feeling of love and solace. Spirit wants all people to understand this.

We want everyone to be able to rise above the raucousness that those who have trouble finding their spiritual way can cause. It is your duty to remain calm in times of crisis by realizing that it is just a temporary inconvenience. Having a peace-filled heart allows you to understand this. Are you excited by the goodness that can come because of it? It is your right to be blessed! It is your right to be loved and respected.

It is Spirits' right to ask you to help spread our words of love. Today, we are especially joyful for this 100th message because it means that their is enough drive and growing interest to keep us attuned to your needs. In the coming weeks, there will be celebrations of words that are meant to bring unity to you. We bring this type of union to all people to remind them that the world has been led by only a few teachers and leaders who were truly enlightened. This is a good month to honor the highest of those ministers. Yes, "ministers" are exactly what each of you are. You have been proselytized to merge your daily lives with the lives of those on the side of spirit. As long as you understand this, then it goes without saying that your life will be much more valuable to you and to the society you live in. Be blessed! These are the spoken words of Spirit.

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TivaJoy said...

I really enjoyed this message today, Jim. It is important to remain calm in those times, and I do forget that sometimes. Thank you for the reminder. I love what you do, and appreciate your voice being so strong and loud.
Have a great day!