Monday, December 1, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--December 2, 2008

Some days are better then others. What makes that statement true is not only the events of the day, but the way you handle it. Never does it get lost on us that you will go through some turmoil and even some disappointments. What also doesn't get lost on us is your reverence to Spirit and determination to think in positive tones. It allows for you to have good days even when the rest of the world seems dour. Isn't having the power to stand above the nonsense that sometimes takes place a great thing?
Our goal is to always, in all ways, get you to have the knowledge base of spiritual security. It is yours at any time you wish to connect with it. Use it for its highest purpose, especially if that means you will benefit from receiving the peaceful gait you want your life to move in. Band together with like-minded people and be free to exchange your own thoughts and ideas. Life, when shared with those who are open-minded enough to listen to the train of ideas of spiritual thinking, is actually a life of fulfillment. You should never feel inhibited in spreading the will of God and Spirit, simply because all people are part of God and Spirit. If understood properly, the way of Spirit is to lead life through positive actions, in a way that shows unity in and through love. Know for a fact that even during days of high stress, you are loved, admired and appreciated by Spirit, but even more so by God. These are the spoken words of Spirit.

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