Friday, December 26, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--December 27, 2008

How many times do you anticipate bad things? Do you wake up “expecting” problems to arise with you? Do you assume that life will be bad? In other words, do you think you will get stuck in traffic, have someone annoy you, have problems at work with a fellow employee or your boss? Do you think that you’ll have a health problem, or that the bills will come to you with an unexplained charge; or maybe you didn’t realize how much you spent until it arrived? Have you ever anticipated having a problem with your kids or a romance partner? These are just a few examples of the way many people gear their day.

If you can remember this lesson, not only today, but throughout the rest of your life, Spirit can guarantee that you will feel better. We must first get you to catch all of the above mentioned pessimistic thoughts by recognizing the negativity of your “self-chatter.” Work today on catching the many thoughts that flow in and out of your mind. It might surprise you how frequently you mimic the negative actions we referenced. You must not become agitated by them, but instead simply learn to mentally say, “Thanks, but no thanks” to these ideas. Give them up to God and the universe to disperse of them properly.

Your next step is to visualize what you really do want to happen. Take a few moments to “see” a perfect day unfold for yourself. Look at all aspects of your normal routine and bless them. Give yourself a chance for a happy day—a better today—than you think you will have. Just simply changing the energy of your mind will start the process. By doing this on a daily basis, ultimately it will become second-nature to think in these positive, helpful tones. You will not let other people direct your level of happiness because you are in charge of it! These are the spoken words of Spirit.

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