Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--December 4, 2008

How fast are you able to adjust your attitude towards uplifted thinking? This is one of the keys in order to get yourself to see the pleasantry that the universe can bring you to. While we are not telling you to completely ignore things that might not necessarily be positive, we are telling you that if you choose to look at the aspects that make life more enjoyable, then you will not wallow in agitated or depressed states of mind. We would love for all of you to acknowledge that by making the right effort to see a prism of positivity, then you will be rewarded with positive things.
This is a time of economic instability. The media is driving fear levels much higher then where they should be. Worries about a new leader is also fueling financial concerns. In the end, it is each person who has to take control of their own destiny. From a spiritual standpoint, it is most easily done by embracing our guidance. Prayers for peace, as well as peace of mind, always pave the way for the necessary earth changes. Today, we lift you up with our ability, to the best of your ability. Our mission is to bring about some financial relief, devoid of what you may be told by the rest of the world. We know that it is more difficult to operate spiritually when you are stressing about daily monetary concerns. Remember the Law of Attraction. It's basic premise is that if you expect to get good things, somehow they will find their way to you. In addition, when you give to spiritually promoting groups or causes, Spirit finds a way to reward you as much as tenfold. Tis' the season of attracting what you want! Our love is sent, so please receive it. These are the spoken words of Spirit.

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