Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--December 8, 2008

We are your sounding board to hope, but we want you to hope less, but never to feel hopeless. This is our way of telling you that simply to hope for something is not as rewarding as praying for or acting on what will bring you your wants and needs. Having hope is often nothing more then an unrealized goal or dream. Spirit implores you to be motivated and to expect the changes you want. Action is the only thing that will bring about the shift you need. Spirit is here to help at all times. Utilize the simplicity of our relationship with you. It is easy to have communications or conversations with God and Spirit. Trusting the subtle responses you receive is vital to your happiness. Don’t over complicate this simplistic gift to you. By understanding it, in a sense, it gives you the hope you need.
It is not our intent to tell you not to be hopeful, for if that was the case then the world would be in an epidemic of depression. Even now, because so many people either think that there should be no rules, or that many others feel that they should blindly obey rules, the earth is full of distrust. This is exactly the reason we share with you the fact that by taking control of only the issues in your life, then life will seem more pleasurable, as well as manageable. Be certain not to cede control of your life to people you don't know. To the extreme, if you let others tell you that you should throw all the rules of life out, you will most likely be leading yourself to a path of uncertainty.
Our bottom line is nothing more than to remind you that each day is a new opportunity to review what, how and who will make you the happiest. We hope that the first person on the list of importance in this process is yourself. You are the beautiful soul that God created. You are a benefit to the visions of life. We love and respect you and want you to feel the same way as you learn to fulfill your aspirations and not just think about them. Today, exhilarate yourself by doing something different--maybe even more daring--then anything you would have previously allowed your minds to think about and release. Be free! Love freely and share those emotions with anyone who is important to, or makes a difference in your life. These are the spoken words of Spirit.

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