Monday, December 15, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--December 16, 2008

How will you live the rest of your life? Will you be striving to leave a legacy of good deeds? Do you want to be remembered as someone who made a difference? Could it be as simple as wanting your life to simply be happy? Would you ever intentionally choose a path that would leave you recalled as someone who was evil, corrupt or dispassionate? Obviously, for most of society, the last question should have received a resounding, “No.”

We chose to give you this message as a reminder that every action, thought and gesture has an impact on your future. More importantly, it has an impact on your current friends and family, as well as all those that they are connected to in years ahead. All great spiritual leaders founded their actions, in some form, towards service to others. You can look back to the teachings of Jesus, Moses, Buddha and other revered people and not be able to dispute that a large portion of their thoughts and approach to life was to find ways to share joy with others. It made no difference if these people were great leaders of their time or if they were humble servants. All were treated with love, respect and equality.

This is always a good time to start thinking about what you can do for someone else. The holiday season is good at igniting this mental process. Once the middle of January hits, will you still be renewed in this helpful drive, or will you already be reverting back to business as usual? It is our intent to get each of you to understand that by giving of yourself to those in the universe, the universe will clearly give back to you. Many of your emotional and physical hurts will be resolved, as well as your material needs. Never think that your attitude and assistance don’t mean much. They are the truth of Light and we thank you for helping to pass this along. These are the spoken words of Spirit.

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