Monday, December 22, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--December 23, 2008

We wish for all of you to have renewed energy. It is understood that constantly receiving words of encouragement can make some people jaded. That is never the intent of Spirit. In fact, if we spend less time on motivating you and more time on ignoring sharing what good can come to you, then we are not doing our job. This is the season when many people are in such a rush to get things done that they forget the teachings we release to you. Today, we release greatness!

Let’s have you take a few minutes to rejuvenate your mind and body! Take ten minutes out of your hectic schedule to sit in quiet meditation today, as a means of connecting to your higher self, to God and Spirit. Take five minutes to simply do some stretching. If that sounds a little silly, the stretching will help awaken your body. We want you to know it is there; to feel alive! If you are already thinking that you don’t have the extra fifteen minutes we just asked you for, then all that means is that you are not serious about improving yourself. If finding that little amount of time is not important enough, then how do you expect your overall life’s picture to change? We have not asked you to do anything strenuous. You have not been asked to sacrifice something that is vital to you. All we want is for you to think highly enough of yourself and Spirit to validate your desire to be excited about life.

Your future awaits you! The Christmas and Hanukah season is a time to revel in the consciousness of higher living. It is a time to embrace the beauty of life—you! Our message today is that from the side of God, you are worth our time and effort. If we see it that way, why won’t you? Live a life of contentment, freedom, love and positive effort. The rewards will be much greater than you could anticipate. These are the spoken words of Spirit.

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