Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--January 1, 2009

2009 is here! 2009 is here! Will you rise on this first day of the traditional New Year with invigoration? Will you understand that the path you want is well within the destiny and direction of your guidance? Will you start this day disconnecting from all the negativity that may have dogged you in the past year, or will you allow it to ever so gently creep into your thoughts that you think you cannot have it change? Of course, we want you to enjoy the opportunity to bring the riches of your life forward. Let go of all those pesky, unimportant comments or actions by others, especially when you make them overshadow all the good things that same person represents. It is a time of renewal. Celebrate the New Year!

Today, pace yourself in all you do. Breathe a sigh of relief that there has been a release. Breathe in the fact that God and Spirit have given you the renewed optimism of generating a new life. We mean this in all facets. Today is the day to enjoy friendships and family. It is also the perfect time to renew your communication with all the loved ones you have on the side of God. In the spiritual dimension is where many of the earthly possibilities take place. It is here that we can help you to achieve all of your penchants for great things; however, you must be sincere and steadfast in trusting this powerful connection.

Spirit takes a moment to embalm you with the brightness that society can anoint you with. We give you love, passion, compassion, monetary success, and most importantly, we bring to you the healing you need on so many levels. Please use this new day to begin your New Year with perfect relationships with all of the above. It is your chance to feel ingrained in the bounty of possibilities that will lead to a stress-free year. You are the stewards of your own lives, just as Spirit is the steward of the Golden Dimension. May you all be toasted with the happiness that you desire! These are the blessings and the spoken words of Spirit.

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