Friday, December 5, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--December 6, 2008

Chaos, confusion, intrusion. Those are some of the ways our lives unfold if we don't completely understand the power of self-involvement when it comes to taking control of our destiny. We--those in spirit and all people-- are able to work hand in hand. Spirit does its best to be infused into your well-being. Naturally, the value intensifies if you recognize that the holding of hands is an energy. It is subtle, yet more durable and stronger then any bond that man is aware of.
In many ways, you will find your lives lifted up when you remove any ego you may have. This is not meant to sound insulting, but no one has the right to think they are any better then any other. Therefore, it is your personal choice to rid the life you are embarking on of any useless motion and activity. How simple it is for you to feel the love in your life, as well as the love of your life when you stop thinking you know what is best. Even if that sounds a little silly, all that is meant is that from the side of spirit we watch too many people dismantle opportunities right under their nose. Don't feel like you have to analyze every bit of minutiae or think you have the best estimate of Spirit's ideas as to what might be best. By losing your ego approach, you then bathe in the glory of trust. Your life then takes on the appearance of serenity, tranquility and peace. Aren't those qualities better then the aforementioned ones at the beginning of this message?
The mission of these words is to make you feel released from anxieties, but doused with loving emotions and success. We are doing everything possible in the universe's natural motion to bless you with infinite unification of all the love and prosperity that it carries. You are loved, cherished and honored for being yourself. These are the spoken words of Spirit.

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