Monday, January 12, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--January 13, 2009

Freedom is alive and well within your soul! Are you attuned to this fact? Do you ever stop to realize how important your thoughts and actions are to others? Let us use today as a day to reflect on the prominence and impact our words and deeds have on other people. Watch the smiles on their face when you offer an unexpected compliment, or simply smile at them. Perhaps you should look in the mirror and take the time to do that to yourself. There are times when your worst enemy is the person looking at your reflection.

Some days, people will take out their insecurities and testiness, or temper, on you. Instead of responding in kind, try to catch your tongue if you are feeling a little annoyed. Make a stance of positive thoughts and forgive them out loud or in your head. It will remove all power and control from them and put it squarely in your lap. Isn’t it better to have the strength and ability to resolve conflicts when you enable yourself simply by being nice? In most cases, the offending person will not be able to carry on an argument if you raise yourself above the normal reactions to a verbal disagreement. Can you imagine how peaceful life would be if everyone adopted this approach?

We are here to share with you that living in divine peace can be done on earth. You do not have to wait until your re-entrance into the kingdom of spirit. Live your life with the awareness of contentment, as well with an attitude of tranquility. For this one day, try it. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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