Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--January 16, 2009

This message will only work if I paraphrase, as Spirit is giving me numerous visual symbols of the plane crash that took place in New York’s Hudson River.

Today, we remind you of how fragile life can be. We also want to share how protected you are. While more then 150 people thought their lives were over, Spirit found a way to guide the pilot and all those aboard to live life for a few minutes the way we want all of you to live it everyday. In frigid temperatures, and through a high wind channel, a large plane came safely to rest in the icy waters, encountering no obstructions in the river. Upon being questioned, most people had the same comments. One said, “There were a lot of Hail Mary’s being said.”

Our point is this: if you pay proper homage to those on the High Side of the divide, we will find a way to bring the protection to those in the plurality. In this case, a plane full of strangers were not a stranger to their respective religious and spiritual beliefs. They openly prayed and asked for help. Not only did they receive it, but the reason for it was the union of souls and servitude—not unifying in a “me first” approach. All people came together to help their fellow man or woman. With an attitude of fellowship, lives were saved. While the pilot gets and deserves the accolades as a hero, it was done under the watchful eye of God, Jesus and all of Spirit.

Do you live your life the way these people did on this day? If not, use the event as a reminder to the awesome results that come when you have unfettered belief and faith. True trust is a hard thing for most mere mortals, however, it is never difficult for you to be guided and graced by us. Live your life today with that in mind. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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