Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--January 14, 2009

Each and everyday, you make a difference. Maybe you might not realize the impact, or maybe you do; but either way it is happening. Could you imagine how many people would have a void in their life if it wasn’t for you? What about the small things you might do for nature? Do you feed the birds, volunteer time at an animal shelter? Is there a pet in your care? Do you talk to friends in need, or simply talk to them for the sake of talking? Did you pay a bill for a service or item you purchased? Have you told somebody you love them, or thanked them for being in your life? Do you go to work or school? No matter what you do, whether it is as a healthcare provider or a provider for the family, you have shifted something in society.

Spirit brings this message to you to remind you that there is always a need for your existence on this beautiful planet. Regardless of how troubled you might feel on a particular day, you make a difference. Grow with that fact. Be happy! Know that you are motivating change, large and small. Recognize what a difference maker you are! Effort is all about exactness. It is the unseen things that frequently make the largest difference in this world. You make a difference to us because you provide yourself and others with your mere presence. It is the love of God and Spirit that can help raise you out of the occasional doldrums that you might find yourself in. Now, if we are worthy of your time and attention, you should be too! You are a part of the High Energy—a very blessed aspect of life. Never forget that point! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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