Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--January 29, 2009

The physical world is full of stutter steps. When you begin a new project, a new interest or perhaps want to completely revamp the way you live life you should expect an occasional challenge. One of the major lessons that Spirit wants all people to know is that if there were absolutely no adversity to anything, then our life would become too boring for comfort. People would stop trying anything because they know they would succeed. In a bit of a twist to your thinking, you should be joyful that you are given the privilege to overcome all obstacles. Do so knowing that the hand of God is with you.

This message is not one of negativity. It is one of celebration. If you think back to your greatest earned successes in life, you will undoubtedly find a memory that includes a challenge or two. No professional athlete ever just picked up the sport and was perfect at it. It required countless hours of preparation and practice. No pilot ever flew a jumbo jet without having to endure hundreds of hours of simulated exercises. This is true of virtually all things in life. The rewards taste sweeter when you have earned them. If your goal in this New Year was to lose weight, then the first time you might gain a tiny bit back is not the time to throw your hands up in frustration. The “why bother” mentality is one that will always limit your desires.

In short, we applaud and reward anyone who continues to make adjustments to become a better person. We applaud actions that drive you through what may seem to be an avalanche of problems when you stay consistent in your positive efforts. God and Spirit know that this is possible. In fact, with infinite intelligence and available knowledge and support, we know there is nothing you cannot accomplish. Believe, believe, believe! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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