Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--January 5, 2009

Today, we want to help you move along. Have you done everything you needed to do to be successful? In the past, when opportunity knocked, did you accept it until its completion, or did you step aside when a bit of adversity filtered in? Like most people, you probably stopped trying to reach your goal when you were faced with an influx of negativity or “what ifs”. It is normal for people to be nervous, often times subconsciously, when they know their life will change. You can make as few or as many excuses as you want, however, if Spirit brings you to a situation that can be rewarding, it would be wise not to let it go. We understand that self-sabotage is one of the greatest factors in staying mired in the same lifestyle that you are accustomed to.

Perhaps it would be better stated, regardless of the situation, if we said that you cannot, nor should you ever give up, when adversity throws a kink into your plans. There are many ways that people interfere with their own success. Sometimes, it might be that you become too arrogant, too rigid in your views of how the picture should unfold. Is it possible that you are an excuse-maker, caused simply from a feeling that something might be too easy? Not everything in life has to come in a difficult way. In fact, if you begin to expect that good--or even great things--should come to you in the most simple and straightforward way, then you will begin to re-teach your mind to accept it for what it is.

We want to leave this message by asking you to look back at what might have been and see if there was something you could have done to change the outcome. How about looking at the same situation and checking to see if there is an action you can take now to redirect what you want towards yourself. Frequently, we tell you to be proactive, not reactive. Spirit will help you to move forward. Believe, believe, believe! These are the spoken words of Spirit.

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