Monday, January 19, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--January 20, 2009

Let us celebrate a new journey; one that will allow for the inclusion of all people to be seen as liberated. Spirit hopes this will be another major step in bringing society closer together, but our fear is that ignorance will run amuck. Living life with freedom and peace at the pith of it will enable you to recognize that God has brought you the goods you need in order to be happy. The only distinction between accepting it and feeling disparaged about it is your attitude. This should not be a day of egotistical gloating, but one of reverence and respect for what has been accomplished. It is not a day to be fearful of the unknown agenda. Instead, pray for peace and success.

Today, you will be guided towards a new mission. You will find yourself excited about opportunities because you will make sure you tell yourself that you deserve a chance to be rejuvenated. A great oration will attempt to energize the way you look at the future of the world, but Spirit wants you to look at the future of yourself. Statements, promises and flowery verbiage are all things that can express hope and optimism. However, the bottom line is simply up to you. What will you do to make sure your life is fulfilled with the promise and optimism that is ever-present? Leaders, whether political or spiritual, mean nothing. This is not to tarnish them in any way. It is justifiably meant to awaken your inner being. Are you willing to fight the negative challenges and think far from the box of comfort most of you are in? For those of you who feel trapped in a bad routine, unchain yourselves! Utilize this special day as a day for you to create the harmony of your soul! Respect the changes that the majority voted for, but internalize the opportunity to be one of greatness for your personal life. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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Anonymous said...

That was deep...metaphorically and some other way I don't know a word for. Here's to change!