Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--January 7, 2009

As a sign of the times, we—Spirit—are already aware of a need to restructure the thought patterns many of you are slipping towards. Life is not supposed to be about how challenged you feel, but more so, about the way you should challenge life if you are faced with any adversity. Most people fall into the trap of setting unrealistic “resolutions” for the New Year. What happens is that these personal declarations put too much unnoticed pressure on you to succeed. As soon that process begins, most people automatically get frustrated, often times leading to depression. We are here to stop the cycle!

It is always in your power not to give up your power. Some days, it is important to remember that the tests of the human soul require assistance from the souls in spirit. This is not a simple message of “pray more”, but more so a message of calibration of the hearts—yours and God’s. It is also a message to let you know that there are people on this planet that have been put here simply to help you. The key to knowing who these “angels on earth” are is to quiet your minds long enough to set aside the discouragement you feel.

One of the most pertinent assets that you have is your intuitive connections. For instance, can you be sure why you are reading these words? Is it because a friend told you about it? If that is the case, then you have to untangle what led to the friendship. It has to be acknowledged. Otherwise, you are still treading on the same pattern that gave you the reasons to state what you thought were the resolutions that you assumed would make you happier. In reality, where you sit today was created with some intuitive intervention in the past. It makes no difference if that past was a few hours ago or a few decades ago. Live life interconnected with God and Spirit. Worry less about your immediate achievements and more about where the love in your life comes from. The truth is, love is everywhere! These are the spoken words of Spirit.

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Diane said...


You have certainly been "my angel on earth" during this very trying time.

Thank you again, a million times over...