Friday, January 30, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--January 31, 2009

Tomorrow will come and today will be history. When the day after comes, tomorrow will also be history. Yesterday is done, as is last week, last month and all years gone by. Your nature is to worry about all the tomorrows that are yet to be here. All you can control is the immediate time you are in. Any history should be used to key your thoughts and plans as far as what has been beneficial. You can and should also look at those issues that you had a problem with; not to hang onto them, but to shift yourself to what will work better.

There is no greater teacher than yourself (aside from Spirit) who can educate you on what will bring love and stability. This message is intended to get you to love your life and yourself for what it is today. That is the only thing truly in your control. The world can evaporate or explode with peace; however, it makes no difference if you do not take the time to extinguish the negativity in your thoughts. Your attitude needs to be one of self-appreciation, not one of regretful decisions. The creation of the universe was intended to allow for mistakes. If God and Spirit can forgive you when you are earnestly sorry, then why is it that you can’t too?

Words cannot cover the full depth of your importance on this planet. Each soul was given a physical body to protect; a physical life that should be enjoyed. Have you ever met someone and just knew they belonged in your life? All people deserve to be loved, so love yourself. The more you are able to do that, then the more others will want to bond and be part of your life. For the rest of you who have been fortunate enough to be assigned a loving partner, do you really think that would be the case if you did not deserve it? We will address those of you who are alone at another time, in a way that will make you see excitement within what you have now. For today, be grateful for what you have because tomorrow will come soon enough. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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Jim said...

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is a promissory note. Yes, today is all that can be effected by our actions. It took me a long time as well as a tragedy to fully realize that positive attitudes and love for oneself and others is the key to happiness and fulfillment. Thanks so much for renewing this feeling in me with this timely message from spirit.