Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--January 30, 2009

Have fun and be focused on enjoying your existence. Put less emphasis on what needs to be done and allow yourself to feel satisfied with what has already been achieved. By thinking in this way, less stress will be felt. This message is not to tell you to set aside your goals, nor is it intended to tell you to give up on what you want. The concept is to get each of you to create an aura of satisfaction with who you are right now. Obviously, in our past thoughts given to you, we have implored the actions needed to form a better attitude and quality of life. Those messages still hold true.

The premise of these words is to teach you that it is alright to take a breather if your efforts are causing more stress then success. It is not failure that limits you; it is surrendering your will to fulfill your dreams and goals. This will be true of all facets in life—from weight loss to financial goals, and most notably your quest to be in better physical, mental and emotional health. Of course, in spirit, we will always want you to set a goal of higher praise and acceptance of God and Spirit. By abiding only in that precept, all the other choices you make in life will be smarter and your wants and needs will be more reachable. Today, keep life simple. Just make sure you take at least one positive step towards your life’s uplifted journey. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit


JoAnn said...

Thank you for this message. I'm sorry everyone, but THIS ONE is meant for ME! Lately my HAFTADO list is growing so large that it is paralysing me! - for ex .. I can't go to the gym because my house is a mess and I HAFTA clean it first. But then I can't go out on the town b/c I HAFTA go to the gym first and lose all this weight!etc..etc,.. Too often than I care to admit, my haftado list becomes so overwhelming at times that nothing gets accomplished. I love the first sentence of this message. My cousin always used to say "Wake up and smell the roses" (although I think that she read that somewhere..) But sometimes you just have to enjoy life!

Diane said...

Gee, and I was just thinking that Spirit was telling ME it was ok to take a breather and relax. I woke up in a panic, with a list running through my head of what I simply MUST do today. I do that almost every day, so for today I will let go, just a little, and enjoy myself.

Joann, you can get a lot of exercise by cleaning the house with all of the bending and lifting. When you are done you will feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment and a few pounds lighter. :-)