Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--January 19, 2009

While you are running around today, taking care of work and errands, stop for a moment or two so you can revel in the many changes that have evolved over the last half a century. From time to time, it is wise to review the history of life so that you can gage whether or not you are moving forward with a better vision. Many people speak of change and vision, yet they really do not understand the meaning of their own words.

Spirit is challenging all of you, regardless of whether you voted for or against the new leadership, to step up and make a difference. You should not have to wait to be led by one individual to do what you have the ability to take care of yourself. God and Spirit will always help to Shepard you to your best direction; however, it is up to each soul to decide if they will follow. Some people are eager, yet some are persistently frightened. This is one of the easiest examples of the influence that you can wield through your God-given free will. Are you going to begin to make this day your better today? Do you need more inspiration? If so, it can be provided by interacting with spiritually-minded people. It can be given through your own attempts to cherish who you are, as well as by making other people know that they have not been forsaken.

This week is a great time to usher in vibrant and powerful shifts in your personal lives. It is a great time to show respect for your fellow neighbors. For the multitude of people who are fearing what changes lie ahead from your leaders, we say to simply pray for them to have the right guidance. This way, the mandates that have been orated will not impose further strife in the global and economic climate. In the beginning of this message we requested that you look at the changes that have occurred over the last fifty years or so. Equality for all is the cornerstone of all true democratic societies, but you will partake in one of the biggest examples of this ever. May you all absorb the blessings of the High Powers. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I was a little confused. The Spirit wants us to look at the changes from the last 50 ish years, and move foward to make more?

Jim Fargiano said...

It is more about looking at all the accomplishments that have taken place that most ordinary people didn't think possible. You will find that Spirit often speaks in metaphors and analogies simply to get us to think on a deeper level. This message was about encouraging you not to be afraid to look at how different your life can be in the future as long as you learn from the things in it from the past.