Friday, October 31, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--November 1, 2008

Imagine if you were the family pet. For the purpose of ease, you are the well kept dog. Your owners feed you, bathe you, exercise you, and take care of all of your health needs. Initially, you may have been homeless or housed in a shelter, but now you live in a private home. Even when you aren't paying attention, there is company most of the time. Before moving into this perfect home there was some fear, hesitation, distrust and maybe a little curiosity. Ultimately, all of that turned into loyalty, love, contentment, excitement, and yes, a little curiosity.

You might be asking yourself what our point is, but if you have followed our words and messages for even a short time, the analogous process is in play. Consider that to Spirit, you are in our care. We feed you with opportunities to grow. We bathe you by teaching you the right way to live life. In other words, when you know the proper way to do things, your life will feel cleaner, lighter and more joyful. The exercise we speak of is your gift to think, to rationalize right from wrong, as well as to tend to your body by honoring it with the ability to move it and improve it. Your health needs relate to the gift from Spirit that gives you the capacity to heal all physical, mental and emotional challenges.

When we mentioned the shelter, it was a reference to a temporary stay in an unfamiliar place. Perhaps you felt unsure and insecure about your surroundings and your relation to life. That would translate into your search for someone to take you in and to give you all the things you need. Finally, you reach your home. This is the connection to God and Spirit that has always been with you. That is when you begin to understand the love, contentment and excitement of finding a way to secure the imaginative visions of living with everything and even more than you could dream of. Of course, to remain healthy in all senses of the word, curiosity needs to be a part of your journey. And lucky you...since the universe is infinite, there will always be more to learn.

To condense this lesson, we would tell you that as long as you understand and embrace the value of living in spiritual tones, you will be the loved and contented person you want to be. You will be given everything in life that is necessary to be at peace. It is our pleasure to be your caretaker. No matter what you think or believe, Spirit will never leave you in a shelter to rot and fester, but rather invite you into our home and provide the shelter from hardships. You are all deeply loved and protected. Ingest it to the best of your powers. These are the spoken words of Spirit.

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