Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--June 1, 2009

Forgive us for this lengthy message. No progress will ever be satisfying without true forgiveness being in the forefront of your heart, mind and soul. The Trinity is full of absolution for all the children of God. However, it is for life in the physical world that you must acknowledge this. Many people find it easier to assign blame to others when they have made improper decisions, or have decided to move themselves in a manner that is counterproductive, as well as counter intuitive towards what should be their best direction. Often, it is simply fear that grips you, thus creating the need for a scapegoat, be it a human or any of us in spirit. Many people think they are obligated to fulfill a mission of non-failure by adhering to situations that are in opposition to their own best interest. That might sound a bit confusing, but the veritable fact is that many, many people will decide that although they know what is best for themselves, and probably shared it with others, to save face they select someone else as being at fault. We forgive you.

Some of you may be wondering why we are touching on this. Some know these words resonate directly to you. Others, might already be putting themselves in full sarcastic mode, where you have thoughts or comments that Spirit hears that are meant to give a sense of self-empowerment to you, the thinker. The human race has made a history of hurting people, of lashing out at the highest of powers, including Jesus. Give us your best shot! Have your tantrums, angry outbursts, attacks on yourself and others! And what should you expect in return? From those on the earth plane, probably some form of retaliation. It is only those who work on and embrace the word of Spirit who can hold no grudges, no animosity, nor make any excuses to allow themselves to absorb the emotional hurts. They do their best not to cast blame back to the originator, but instead will take on the pain to prevent further insecurities to the ones who hurt them. It takes practice, but it is more then possible for all of you to be this way. True forgiveness is given.

You should expect from the angels, more encouragement, more blessings and more messages to try to guide you properly. That is despite your apparent failures. We forgive you. We forgive those who deny or distrust our work and messages. We forgive those who adamantly and arrogantly think they know more then the Godly powers and try to infringe on the rights to a path of happiness and joy. True love comes when you openly embrace it back. It does not come from self-sabotage, or from living a life in a pattern that enables those around you to continue bringing you on a path of mental, emotional and spiritual anguish, or for that matter, yourself. We forgive you. Choose the road of highest spiritual intent; not the one of familiarity that may only breed a full lifetime of disappointment.

Spirit can encourage and laud you all day and night, but without your acceptance, the only one who gets hurt is ultimately yourself. Even during these most painful moments in your life, you will be forgiven by the High Powers. Will you forgive yourself? Will you be forthright in examining your motives and repair those who may have suffered damage from ill-conceived actions on your part? We forgive you. Today, take the time to apologize to yourself when you come to the realization that not all of your thoughts are pure or perfect. These shortcomings are expected and accepted by us. Even in your worst moments, all we give back is love. Our only agenda is simply to make you reach your best outcome in life. No one has ever adapted a life of perfection, nor should you put that type of pressure on yourself.

While the angels lift your sins and guilt, all you have to do is thank them. They are your gift from Creation. Make restitution to anyone you may have inadvertently or intentionally caused harm to. Do so by forgiving your self and soul so that you can be free to reach out to them. Apologies given by truthful admission of your mistakes should always be received without rancor. This is the way you grow stronger and healthier, as well as to become stalwart ambassadors for the Kingdom of God. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit. You are forgiven.


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Jeanne said...

I have always believed that in order to have an honest relationship, that you must be able to share your real feelings - even if the feeling is one of anger or sadness. To have an honest relationship with Spirit, the theory remains the same. This is a totally great message tonight; I'm glad to have a relationship with Spirit, who understands - and forgives!

Diane said...

This message reaches right down to the core of our being.

Thank you Jim.

Anonymous said...

Every time I think I have forgiven, I remember "oh, yeah" I do still hold animosity towards a certain person who was so incredibly malevolent and caused so much pain and anquish and I think I want them to meet up with some very bad karma. I know that is the wrong way to go and it will come right back at me so I try not to feel that way.I am not as developed as I think I am. :)I'll keep working at it. Hard to forgive someone like that though.
Jim, do you think that sometimes souls who have passed on look to us for forgiveness for mistakes they made while on Earth that hurt others? Sometimes I get that strong feeling that I should pray for a certain loving soul but one who made many mistakes that hurt others while they were alive.

Anonymous said...

A very thought provoking message today. Thank you. I will continue to keep forgiveness and peace in my heart toward those who have wronged me in the past.

I am interested in your response to Anonymous.

Diane said...

LG LG LG has been working for me, Anonymous. I know how hard it is to release the animosity you feel towards someone who has hurt you so badly, but it is amazing how much better you feel when you do. Forgiving someone does not mean that you condone their behavior. It only means that you are willing to release all of that toxicity and negativity in your body and mind that is making you ill and shows how much you love yourself. Just wanting to forgive someone who caused you so much pain and wanting to pray for another soul like that shows how connected you really are to Spirit.

Jim Fargiano said...

The best way I can respond to this is to remind you that words do work. The more you can envision the person who hurt you and repeat, "I forgive you" then the more easily it becomes to do. At some point, it etches into your subconscious and then becomes part of your inner beliefs and actions. Remember, no one has the power over your present and future based on previous acts of bad behavior.
No one deserves to be treated improperly, but the other aspect of forgiving is to let God and Spirit even up the score in whatever way is best for the universe. Try not to put any emphasis on revenge or getting even because you want to remain balanced. In other words, don't allow yourself to stoop to the same level of anger that you received. Diane is right...LG, LG, LG! Let go, let God and life's good.

Anonymous said...

Jim, I like the part about God and Spirit evening up the score. In the end that is what I really do believe. I remember reading in the Bible that one should not worry about getting revenge, God will do that for you in His own way. That is exactly your advice. Thank you, Diane, for the reminder LG LG LG. The other thing I have learned is sometimes it can help to try to overcome the wrongs of systemic injustice and the acts of criminals is to advocate for those who are victimized. Joining advocacy groups, writing, reaching out are some of the ways I have figured out that may help one's own unresolved feelings and attitudes and help others too. It's better than wishing bad karma on others and a lot more productive. :)
But anyway, Jim, the second part of my post has to do with something else. Do you think that sometimes souls who have passed on get stuck and need our prayers? At times I feel prayers are needed for some people who have passed and who were really good people on Earth but feel sorry for suffering they may have caused when they were alive.

Jim Fargiano said...

Yes, Anonymous, some souls need extra prayers to get them higher in the Light. All souls benefit from our loving thoughts and vibrations. For those who might not have led exemplary lives on earth, what I have found is that their "lessons" on the other side are to influence and assist in whatever way they can to help the people they have hurt. Essentially, we all need to answer to how we carried ourself in the physical world. That is one of the reasons that Spirit is always pushing us to live in the best, most loving and giving way we can. No, it is never too late to improve how or who we are now.
I do think that when someone is "stuck" it might not always be what we think or assume. It seems to me that many of them are trying to make ammends and are looking to send their remorse, as well as hope for forgiveness. Hope this makes sense.