Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--May 27, 2009

Frequently, we talk to you about principles or laws, such as the Law of Attraction. Other then the accepted Golden Rule, we want you to understand that our intent is not to make you feel like God and Spirit are monitoring your every move. We are not waiting to seize on the opportunity to chastise you if you do something in opposition to them . It is already known by the Great Spirit what your actions and behavior will be. You need to understand that no matter how much you may think you have erred, your loving God is not waiting to be vengeful.

Our purpose is twofold today. First, it is to say to each of you that many of the tenets of a variety of religious groups, make them only to stand apart from the others. Otherwise, they would not be able to attract followers. The second aspect is more important to us. If we wanted to create a list of rules for you to obey, then we would be authorizing all the judgments, fears, distrust and paranoia that your life is mandated by. This is as far from the truth as possible. Rules were invented by man, not by Spirit, Jesus or God himself. We want you to live a life of vibrancy; to be alive in a whirlwind of palatial colors and love. That is as simple as we can make it.

Listen to the visage of love we have for you! You do not have to see it to feel it. It is alive within each one of you! We have given you principles to live by, not to create drama or limitations, but to show you the purest way to live life. When you cozy up to understanding them, nothing in life becomes complicated. Revenge is automatically replaced by reverence, hate of each other will desist, love will be so strong that you will awaken each day in a state of excitement and euphoria. Healing will be a part of you on a mental, physical, emotional and soul level. Thoughts of angels and those in spirit become an accepted fact by all mankind, not just those on a true path of spirituality. In essence, the proverbial “sin” would not be in existence at all. That said, the understanding with God is that His children will always look to assert their independence. It is our hope and desire that enough of you seek the path of Godly intelligence. Live life amorously and with the knowledge that the King of Peace holds your hand. Yes, you are worthy of the highest respect! Feel the blessings and love that pours through this message. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit. Please share them and get the wave of loving thinkers to catch fire.

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Diane said...

I read through this twice. It is such an intensely loving and beautiful message.

Thank you Jim.