Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--May 28, 2009

The benefits of living in a state of being means that you are satiated by loving energies. You accept and embrace the commitment of the higher powers to lead, teach and assist you to your best direction, without questioning each little bit of minutiae that may not make logical sense to you. The problem that most people have is that they do not always accept or understand the intimate powers of the presents given from The Presence. Yes, we love to play with words. It is a way to make all of you chuckle and think. Your physical life was not supposed to be difficult, but we have seen the children of God always looking to assert their independence. Sometimes, they insert it when it is least appropriate and disrupts their path to happiness.

All people need to take a few minutes a day to dissect whether or not their actions are born out of their own fear. Frequently, this is the case. Many panic at the thought of disrupting a path in life they have grown accustomed to. Ironically, when you put your complete trust in God and Spirit, the shifts and changes they want for you will work out to raise your level of happiness, love and inner peace. Why not let those emotions flow freely in your life? Likewise, when you try to infuse your own will into everything you may not understand, it is probable that you will ultimately cause more disruptions and lengthen your path of uneasiness.

Try to listen to what your heart and inner child tell you. It is easy to acknowledge the depth of emotions, even if you may not be ready to honor them. Trust in your inner self, not in what you create as truth given to you from other people, or from old patterns of useless thinking. Your future is dictated by the aspects of love you are willing to accept. Imagine how peaceful your soul can be if you would only trust in the Hierarchy, Jesus and God! We have seen many of you challenge us, challenge the depth of love available, challenge your desire to improve your life. What do we mean by that? Many people tend to set limitations on what they can achieve by trying to rationalize non-rational feelings and emotions. They lose sight of the usefulness of the inherited energy, given to them from the highest sources of light.

Lastly, we see you as healing beings. In other words, within all people is the ability to be tuned into the reverberating, endless array of spiritual energies. Allow your hands to light up and light the way to a loved and embracing future. Feel the hug of angels, for they are always with you! Give up old, toxic patterns of thoughts so that the craziness and seemingly chaotic attitudes of adjustments can take shape, thereby causing the perfection of a loving life! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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surjit said...

You have a very inspirational blog.You are rendering a noble service to the mankind by sharing your insights.
God bless.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it takes a really hard challenge to make us aware. I think when we are stripped raw of pretense and illusions of control, we are given the opportunity to "fall on our knees" and ask for God's help and it is then that we are able to see the miracles and angels around us. From there, it is up to us to hold onto that gift through prayer and meditation ~right thought, right action~ even when the bad times turn to good ~ we still need to pray and meditate to keep our focus.

Diane said...

"Feel the hug of angels, for they are always with you!"

beautiful Jim, just beautiful.

Thank you.

Jim Fargiano said...

Surjit, I'm glad you find the blog a good thing. The words I receive are meant to be shared and understood by all people. Love comes in simplicity and simplicity is the way of the teachings from Spirit. The more all of us spread the word, then the quicker the world will be filled with God's intention of a loving and peaceful society.

I am always grateful when any of you post your nice thoughts and comments. In a sense, it expands the message in a different way.