Monday, May 11, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--May 12, 2009

Do you harmonize with the angels? What about just harmonizing in your own home? Can you feel in sync with your own vibration? These are simple questions with perhaps more complexity to them then it may first appear.

We begin with the last question first because until you learn to--at the very least--be in unison with your own thoughts, life will be more of a challenge. If you can learn to adjust to embracing who you are, then you are already a step ahead of most people. It will lead to fewer health concerns and more time for you to start to work on being at peace within your own home, not to mention your connection to Spirit. Make one of your first actions everyday a statement of love and acceptance for who you are--just as you are! We see you as worthy! Try this statement: "I am perfect and comfortable with my place in life through the eyes of God." Now, if you do not feel this way, then perhaps it is time to make a reasonable list of goals for what you want to change about yourself, provided it improves you. You can do this! Elevate your views of how awesome you can be! The King of Angels is ready, willing and able to help!

When we speak of “your home,” we are really speaking of your surroundings. At times, we will refer to your physical body as your house. You could say that we are trying to get you to be more aware of yourself, your interactions with others, whether at work in your personal life. To look further out then that would only bring you to a point where the impact you want to make is greater than it needs to be. Peacefully live within the boundaries of what is in your control. Ultimately, you will find that by resonating in a state of “comfortable unison” that your energy and vibrations will be emitted to all who may be around you. What a great difference you make!

Lastly, to be in harmony with the angels is simply to accept their presence and grace within. God and Spirit have found a way to always have what is needed at your disposal. It is your attitude and tone of acceptance that will have you living in the glow of these heavenly beings. Imagine how much you can accomplish with this awareness! Most people claim that they put their faith into a Higher Power, but seldom is that accurate. It takes practice to be that serene and embracing of the Light. Keep working at it, because if you forget every now and again, Spirit will lift you up. We will not let any of you be our fallen angels if you are sincere in your efforts. Why not persevere so that you can be of strong mind, body and soul? May the Kingdom of God always drench you in love, perfect health and prosperity! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Jim said...

It sounds like peace and serenity are the keys to communicating with our angels! Thanks for another uplifting message.

Diane said...

What a beautiful blessing from Spirit!! I will be sure to pass it on...
"May the Kingdom of God always drench you in love, perfect health and prosperity!"

Thank you for this.

Anonymous said...

"May the Kingdom of God always drench you in love, perfect health and prosperity!"

Jim Fargiano said...

I have to tell you, the message was given to me early in the day without the quote you referenced. Spirit pestered me until I sat down to hear it. They do have their reasons that are not always apparent until after I listen and share them with all of you.

C Ray said...

Pestered or not, Thank you, thank you for letting us in on it.