Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--Mother's Day

Today, Spirit honors mothers of all varieties. We recognize those who physically bring children into the world, as well as those who care for them. We cherish all people who admirably step up when a child is in need, as well as those who just know how to be mothering, whether female or male. Without the innate ability to do what is right to raise children with the capability of growing and maturing to make their own decisions, the world would be upside down. Our thoughts are simple today. Enjoy this day as much as you can.

For those who have lost a child, or a Mom, and feel an especially hard burden on this day, we say to you that your loved ones are lifted even higher by the prayers and thoughts given for them. Feel that love with confidence, all the time knowing that they are watching over you on this special day. You have ushered them to great places, both while they were on the earth plane, and now that they are comfortably communing on the God side of the divide. Be at peace with what you have meant to them. We can collectively tell you, "We love you!"

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