Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--May 15, 2009

Sometimes, life may seem upside down to you. Instead of stressing about it, you should realize it is a chance for you to look at things from a new perspective. You are being handed an opportunity to review your part in what created this feeling. Look at any discouraging situation as a chance for rejuvenated personal and spiritual growth. No good can come out of anything bad if you make no effort to learn from it. Likewise, no bad can happen to you when you recognize your potential. Spirit knows you are full of great possibilities. We are the roots to your growth. While God and Spirit see you as the beatification of a vibrant life, you must see yourself as the beautification of your world. Never let anyone suppress your optimal vibration and Light.

Unfortunately, when you live in a physical world, issues will come up that may make you feel inferior, self-conscious and insecure. It is our job to debunk those feelings and thoughts. You have unlimited energy. That cannot be taken away from you, therefore, it brings us back to the perspective that you already have all the tools necessary to be happy. If by any chance you do not know how to use it or what to do to regain your footing in life, there are people willing to guide and help you. The only initial thing you would need to do is to reach out and ask. Make sure your pride does not get in the way of your progress. Also, when reaching out to God you get G.O.D. back---Guaranteed Optimism (or opportunity) Delivered. Walk through life with the knowledge that the only thing keeping you from securing a lifetime of infinite peace and love are the limitations you place on yourself. Visualize your greatness! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

**I will be at Path To Joy (Ruthie's Nest) healing center at 594 Middle Road in Bayport, Long Island on May 23rd from 2-4:00 p.m. for a book-signing. Stop on by if you're in the area and say hello

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Diane said...

I never realized how many limitations I did place on myself. I am learning how to NOT do that anymore and it feels so good! While it has been a lot of work, the rewards have been incredible.

Your daily messages get me through each day Jim. Thank you so much!

Jim Fargiano said...

Diane, if we had it all figured out when we were born, then there would be no need actually be here. Keep up the outstanding effort.