Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--May 6, 2009

Allow yourself to breathe! Make today a day of personal reaffirmation for the good soul and being that you are. Release your pent up hostilities to God and Spirit. Make room for the love and peace that you want entering into yourself. Anger, frustration and all other negative aspects of emotions must be purged. Give them to the Higher Powers and allow the flow of success and love to be released to you. You deserve to live life unencumbered, free of stresses and unneeded worries. Stand tall within your own mind! You already do in the eyes of Spirit.

Many of you are overanalyzing your life’s direction. Be calm and peaceful when you “know” that change is upon you. It should not be done with anticipation of the worst. All change, whether planned or not, is something that forces adjustments into many facets of your beliefs. What it comes down to is simply that you should not ever feel guilty about taking steps to incorporate tranquility and love. The manifestation of your goals, dreams, desires and spiritual growth can only happen if you allow for the departure of your fears and unhealthy ways of existence. You need to feel loved! You are loved! You need to feel prosperous in so many different ways. Some of you still hang onto patterns that can keep you “safe” when in reality, it is just another way of holding yourself back from experiencing the joy everyone was meant to absorb. These thoughts are a gift for you to act on when you are ready. Move forward with the wings of the angels wrapped around you. Step into your future with confidence; with the resurrected awareness that there is a hand of support on your shoulder. It will not ever leave, but you do need to accept it. By impeaching it, you will end up standing in your own way to the path of joy. Blessings, abundance, love and Light are all given to you today and everyday. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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Diane said...

This is a very interesting message, very thought provoking, and obviously that is exactly what Spirit meant to do.

Hanging on to our old ways does make us feel safe and secure, because we tend to think we can't go wrong if we just use the old tried and true method. I find as I let go, however, a lot of healing is taking place and I am calmer than I have ever been.

Thank you Jim. Your work, and you , are simply priceless.