Friday, May 8, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--May 9, 2009

It’s time to dust yourself off! Make it your choice to dismiss negativity, whether it began in your own mind or was created by someone else. You have the ability to discard old wounds. Let them die. Let them go to the Higher Powers, where they can be handled properly, thus leaving you free to embrace a happier future. Have the courage to blast away old habits. Embrace the gifts from Spirit that include new love, better health, improved finances, uplifted attitudes, but most importantly, a purity in your connection to them.

We do not want this misinterpreted by any of you to cut off all contact with anyone who has ever been in your life. Some people have been placed on your path so that you could learn and love. Even if your relationships have changed, there are great lessons to be learned from the past. You can look back and see what parts were useful and what parts caused you emotional or physical harm. It is from an objective viewpoint that you will be able to release the issues that are damaging, which at times may include relationships that may have been meant to be permanent. In a sense, we are telling you to purge all things that have hindered your positive growth. We also understand that it may be difficult in the beginning, but the refreshed enthusiasm you will gain going forward will seem remarkable.

Each and every single day you are presented with an opportunity to begin life with a new awareness. The reality is that no matter how much Spirit lauds and implores you to keep your eye on the prize--the love, prosperity and blessings you deserve--it is still up to you to put it all in motion. Inert energy is nothing but potential lying in wait to be used. Why not turn that energy into something vibrant and alive? Be confident you can improve, as your angels are alive with enthusiasm! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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Joan said...

WOW!! This was such a positive message. I am not going to allow any negative thoughts be a part of my day. Thanks Jim.

Anonymous said...

Thank You!

Diane said...

"Even if your relationships have changed, there are great lessons to be learned from the past"

I find, that when I take the time to look back at old relationships, or even current ones, that I am still learning from them, especially when I am able to finally forgive.

Thanks Jim, excellent message!

C Ray said...

I need to tattoo this somewhere. Thanks so much Jim.

Jim Fargiano said...

I have to agree with all of you. When I received this message, the energy coming in was incredibly vibrant. Now, all we need to do is follow the wisdom.