Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--May 4, 2009

All people were born into freedom. This may sound wrong when you look at countries that consistently take control of the lives of the masses. On a spiritual level, each soul is sent from the heavens to live their life as needed. When people start to let go of their rights in order to simply appease other people, then what they are really saying is that they would rather have someone else tell them what to do and think. How many of you feel unworthy of having opinions? What about who you can love and whom you cannot? Do you feel comfortable speaking about your belief system when it comes to God and Spirit? Do you feel inhibited because society has become so “you must be correct with your words” that they have crushed the tenets and valorous ways of differing philosophies?

This is especially important when it comes to your personal inner happiness. You have the power to embrace all that is perfect for you, as well as to cast away anything that might be irrelevant. Focus on attaining what you want to accomplish, but do so in a way that is meaningful. Never let yourself be bullied in such a way that you lose your grasp of harmony and balance. Listen to the voice that God has given you, both verbally and within. Try not to “rationalize” staying in pent up situations in order to appease the needs of another, unless of course it is to benefit you too. Seek to be with like-minded people (if they are positive), however, make certain that you do not become one of the flock who thinks they cannot make a difference. It is the “why bother?” mentality that ultimately has you give up your freedoms. You can change your life, your world, your happiness because you are blessed.

Today, we want you to be thinking about this message in terms of what a difference you can make. If you see something that goes against your way of thinking that is created simply by others being loud, turn the problem over to the Higher Powers. At the same time, it is vital for you to speak out and loudly for yourself. Shout from the proverbial mountaintop that you deserve to be enhanced with love and success. Be vocal when your freedoms and liberties are being taken away. Show the world and God that you appreciate who you are. Spirit sees you as a piece of perfection, forged from the choices that you are able to make. You are special! You do make a difference! Love yourself! Many blessings and encouragement are adjoined to this message for you. Be at peace with life and release the toxic behaviors of others. Let the angels fly away with it so that it does no harm. Be courageous in bringing yourself towards the people and opportunities that will raise your level, your vibration, your love. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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Jim said...

"You have the power to embrace all that is perfect for you, as well as to cast away anything that might be irrelevant. "

These words are so meaningful to me right now. What a simple yet beautiful and uncomplcated concept.

Thanks so much for keeping these verses coming our way.

Jim Fargiano said...

I think simplicity is the key to life. We all have a tendency to make it more difficult then it needs to be. Sometimes, it is others that cause the drama and problems for the rest of us. Step above it, as you will ultimately reap the benefits of more forgiving attitudes.