Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--May 8, 2009

Life will be full of changes. You may find yourself easily understanding and accepting some of them, while others may prove to be a bit baffling to you. Regardless, as long as you embrace the feeling of love and joy that you want, none of the other stuff will make a difference. How can we say that changes will not make a difference? Simply because the universe revolves around change, therefore it is a constant. On the other hand, if you want life to feel resolved in great ways, you must look beyond today to see what it is that you’d like it to transform into.

You must allow your thoughts, actions and deeds of today be reflective of where you want your future to be. The guidance from Spirit is always available, but you must trust in the emphatic belief that this is true. Otherwise, you end up sidling through life, instead of amending the traits that you would love to get rid of. Embrace the qualities of the Golden Side! Embrace the fact that the angels are heralded, as they want to trumpet your newfound achievements. If you are ever going to expand your inner joy, you simply need to make the adjustments that are keeping you at a standstill. Obviously, we are speaking of this in terms of only the things that are unhealthy in body, mind and towards your overall contentment.

Yes, we do understand that some changes are much more difficult then others. Be aware that it is known on the side of the angels what is best for you. In other words, seek out the guidance you need from those who can help you to be motivated to change what bogs you down. In addition, you should always quiet yourself enough to hear the voice within. It can be much louder than you think. It comes from your higher self; that which emanates from the Ascended Masters and angels. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Jim said...

Once again, I am amazed that the last 2 weeks messages seem to be almost personalized to me regarding my current situation. The guidance and wisdom that eminates from Spirit, I feel as though is reaching me through to my core after many years of uncertainty and doubt.
These daily messages are certainly helping me to navigate my life's direction. Many thanks to you Jim and of course to Spirit.

Diane said...

There are so many happenings in life that have left me completely baffled , but it is so true about quieting yourself to listen for the answers.

Just listen for your angels. This is a very peaceful message.

Thank you Jim.

Jim Fargiano said...

I think Spirit has been trending towards something that is helping a lot of people. Sometimes I'm amazed at how many people tell me that they felt a particular message was wriiten for them. The reality is that it was.

Thanks for your comments.