Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--October 10, 2008

When Heaven and Earth adjoin, it is the people who lead through prevailing, calm minds. Spirit is not looking for anyone to be worried, flustered, agitated, and depressed. If just this simple fact is understood, then it is easier for people to react intelligently, not out of panic. How do you see your life doing? We see it as still being perched where it needs to be, however, we do not like to see fear become the driving factor in changing a global approach towards freedom and financial success. Why worry when the power of Spirit will take you towards the path of triumph? It appears that with some creative thinking, this uneasy and nervous society will lead all people who trust in it on a path of infinite happiness. You will be led to a feeling of unity and peace, but you must do this via the belief that Spirit is the king of all things good, just as you are. We do caution that you do not let rhetoric from wolves in sheep's clothing lure you towards doing something that can ultimately be harmful. It is your judgement that will make you feel secure. God and Spirit are always pushing your path of humanity towards the gift-giving Light. Allow peace to blanket your soul. Allow love to seep into your heart. Mostly, allow the blessings of God and Spirit to enter into your body and mind. Letting this happen is the only time that being porous leads to achievements. May all of you be fitted with blessings and guided by the Light hand of Spirit. These are the spoken words of Spirit.

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