Monday, October 20, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--October 21, 2008

How much compassion do you have? Are you able to understand someone elses dilemma without absorbing it in to yourself? At the same time, can you show that same person that you care about what they are dealing with? What happens when it is you who needs the compassion? Do you find a person willing to give of himself to give you a little aid? There is no crime in doing that as long as you do not become a "needy" person. To show resolve and the willingness to approach the things that bother you, then you show Spirit and others how strong and vital you are. You show that you are worth their time and effort. Spirit sees this as a lesson of success, not one of failure. If you are bold and brave enough to acknowledge your issues, then other people will learn from you.

It is equally important to show you that having compassion is the key to living a life that will be deemed peaceful. If there is none, then the world--your world--becomes a more disturbed place to live. In honor of the compassion we have for you, the life you live will seem easier as you stay connected to all the messages that life and Spirit have been teaching you. We can say this with certainty and urge you forward through your troubled times. May you see the peace, love and wisdom that Spirit bestows upon all of you. These are the spoken words of Spirit.

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