Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--October 3, 2008

How confident are you in your abilities? While Spirit is thrilled with anyone who is self assured, we also find it necessary to caution you about being arrogant or giving the impression of it. We all know people who like to bull their way through life through bragging and bravado. This topic is being discussed for a specific reason. It is up to you to be strong and focused when you're directing your life to where you want it to go. Spirit has graced you with the tools to achieve any level of success you desire--in all aspects of life. The balance you seek to have comes much more easily when you learn to be the best at whatever it is you want, but to do so with ego removed from the equation. It makes you more likable and what you'll find is those who might not have cared about listening to you or taking your lead are much more willing to do things to help. The art of manifestation comes from the "energy" you put into your work and worth. Try to solicit help, both from people and from Spirit, by creating an air of intelligence, but in a way that makes themselves feel valued and wanted. The gratitude you give will be given back much more quickly. Lastly, today is your day to feel the love and appreciation of simply being you. May you feel blessed and bestowed with abundance. These are the spoken words of Spirit.

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