Monday, October 6, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--October 7, 2008

We are in the midst of watching how negativity through the media can spark fear in the average person. People begin to make decisions based on these fears, rather than to stay rational and understand that the world is not coming to an end. While there are many different ways to perceive society today, suffice it to say that if the media ran on "Godly" or spiritual principles, then the majority of the worries and concerns would be non-existent. Spirit requests that you look beyond the immediate time frame to realize that no matter what has occurred, the history of the United States, and on a slower level globally, positivism and a return to prosperity has been the overall outcome afterward. It is this exact reason that at this crucial time in the evolution of life that you must bear in mind that making negative assumptions, and then subsequently react to the downward economy by making rash decisions, you will add fuel to the fire. Instead of understanding that the ying/yang balance is at play, overreacting out of panic only encourages more negative events.

This holds true for rash and impulsive thoughts about making a change just for the sake of thinking change needs to be made. Spirit cautions you to look at the facts, not the fictional stories when it comes to choosing your leaders, locally and nationally. It is vital that you do not discard the history of character of a person otherwise you will set in motion even more downward spirals. There must be accountability and responsibility to their actions, just as there must be the same for your actions. We urge you to carefully think about your attitudes and ask not that you just assume any change is better than no change. Fortunately, you have in most cases, the privilege of choices. This is why God and Spirit love you, trust you and implore you to use the quiet voice of love and respect to improve your world. We send you love, passion and peace. These are the spoken words of Spirit.

I have to tell all of you that I went back and forth as to whether or not I would post the above message. I was not comfortable with it myself. The last thing I want to do is to inject anything that resembles anything political, however, I had two different people read it first. I got a split decision as to who they felt was being pushed, which subsequently allowed me to post it. Once again, Spirit seems to have found a way to get a strong message out without imposing their will on anyone. Now all of you can make the call yourself.


Terry said...

It is important to look beyond the sound bites in life. I think that is part of what the message is here. Whoever or whatever you stand for, it is important to look below the surface.
The yin and yang reminder is a good one. That goes for all the ups and downs in life, internal and external. I still always hope for more of the good. I guess that is a part of being human.

Jim Fargiano said...

I couldn't agree more with your analogy. This is one of those messages that Spirit likes to give that makes people think about their actions before taking them. It is a reminder that the truth sometimes needs to be looked at rationally, not emotionally.

Diane said...

I can see how concerned Spirit is for all of us, because no matter how rational or positive we all try to be, all of us seem to be operating on some wavelength of fear. I believed in the beginning that everything was going to turn around, that it was only a matter of time. Unfortunately, the media is extending the crisis by printing and talking so much negativity. After watching the news this morning and reading a few articles, I became very fearful. Then I read your post, and felt relief again. Yes, everything will be ok. As for who Spirit is talking about in a political sense, it is up to all of us to do our homework and separate fact from fiction and base our votes on who is real. that is what I am taking from this message.

This message reminds me of the commercial when someone gets slapped in the face and says,
"Thanks, I needed that."