Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--October 22, 2008

We give a lesson in the obvious today--obvious for us. If we asked you to tell us what you think an image of a canary means, some of you would break out the animal meanings book. Others would guess that it was a symbol of a songbird, happiness, the ability to fly or, perhaps nothing more than the color yellow. Most of you would feel somewhat uplifted by the perception of this bright and cheerful bird.
Obviously, most of these thoughts would be off the mark by what we are about to tell you. In spirit, we see the canary as a life saver. We see it in the dark and dank images of a coal mine, giving its life to save those who are unaware of the harmful gases that they are entering into. The gist of what we are trying to get all of you to understand is quite simple. Even when you least feel threatened, or when you're in the darkest of places, Spirit is watching out for you. We are your canary. We have given our lives many times over so that each of you can live in a protected and glorified manner.
It is simply a statement of fact today that you are learning something different. All of the things you anticipated the canary being were right by your individual beliefs. However, you did not delve deeper into the unity of our melding perceptions. We see the color yellow as a desire to learn, to educate you in many ways. Mostly, it is a basic message of love and protection. When you think you have gone as deeply as you can when things are presenting you with a rocky road, God and Spirit are there before you to lift up your life. We come in the form of canaries, a smile, a hug and a kiss. Some days we come as a cloud that is shaped like an image that brings enchantment to your soul. Lastly, we remind you that you are never as vulnerable and alone as it seems on any particular day. May your walk be bright, cheerful and filled with canaries. These are the spoken words of Spirit.

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Diane said...

How beautiful! Your words today from Spirit are incredibly uplifting.

You are doing the world a great service Jim. Thank you!