Friday, October 24, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--October 25, 2008

Do you worry about your progression in life, as well as on your spiritual path? While being concerned is alright, being consumed isn't. When you become burdened by all the possibilities of what has gone wrong, what could go wrong and a lot of other negative theories, you bog yourself down with fear and depression. This message is not about business pursuits, but your own personal pursuits to happiness. We want to help you, and trusting in a Higher Power should not be seen as "ill-suited" as many people might want to think it is. Spirit wants everything to be a good fit for you. Why do people make a conscious choice to struggle when prayer and visualization can bring you what you need much more quickly? Did you notice we did not ask, "What you want?" That is because Spirit has the foresight to know what will work best for you; hence, you will be given what is necessary.

Hopefully, that statement doesn't make you frustrated. The purpose of the many messages and words of wisdom from the side of spirit is to ignite curiosity, focus and the love of everything that is important to and for you. Ultimately, you get to have the choice of what works the best. So, if you are struggling with something, perhaps it is time to turn your true self--your soul--towards those who can do the heavy lifting. God and Spirit are always available, and so too are many people on the earth's surface who can also be of assistance. You need do nothing more that ask, and as long as it comes for good intentions, as well as from the heart, you will be blessed and healed. These are the spoken words of Spirit.

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