Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--October 13, 2008

Let us talk about inspiration and transformation. Many times messages are given to you from Spirit in hopes that you will feel the desire to move yourself in the direction that will reward you. Often, we speak of helping other people who are in need of some assistance. This is where we want your focus today. Does anyone you know need help in making a project successful? Does anyone you know need someone to shop for them, or perhaps have someone to help clean their house or yard? Do you know of someone who is simply in need of some companionship or friendship? Society today does not lend itself to proper time management for many people. Spirit understands this, however, we do not understand why you find it difficult to produce the necessary budgeting of your time to give someone a helping hand, no matter what level of help you can give. Perhaps the most basic way we can make a point is by asking you if you wonder how certain other people can find a way to give back to the Universe? You have this same ability. No one can take that away from you. It is your "God given right" to be a soul who practices what they want to preach.

We would love for each of you to share with others the thoughts you have in who you can aid. Is it someone who is in your life on a daily basis, or perhaps someone who makes (or has made) a difference in your life, directly or indirectly? These people need help, love and guidance too. Whose life are you going to make easier? How will you find the inspiration to step up and give that helping hand? What is needed for you to make the transformation from being appreciative to showing appreciation? The world works better when you block out all the "maybe someone else can help" thoughts and instead overcome your mental excuses to give some time back. You will not only make a tremendous difference for others, but Spirit will also find a way to reward or compensate you for this gift of giving back that you perform. This is the way true spirituality works. Love of mankind is vital to your personal happiness. Walk forward knowing we are blessing you today and everyday. These are the spoken words of Spirit.

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