Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--October 31, 2008

It's a day of soul-filled stories and happenings. Today is a good time to reflect on the significance that even people who are entrenched in "mainstream religion" actually recognize the abundance of Spirits for a couple of days. It is a shame that they miss out on the rest of the year.
By now, most of you are aware that your loved ones, not to mention all those in spirit on a higher level, are with and around us each and every day. We are available to care about you and to care for you. Keep this in mind during times of stress and duress. Isn't it nice to know that while you work through things on the earth plain, Spirit is working to save you and fix you on our side? "We are a team, you and I." This sentence is separated because of its importance. You are part of the greatest unity of love, peace and healing that is possible. We, Spirit, are your blood, your sweat, your sorrows, your friend, your teacher. We are all that is good in the universe. You are also all that is good in the universe. Instead of leaving you inspirational words, we are thanking you today. We thank you for being aware of Spirit, but even more to the point, we thank you for the greatness that you represent in life. Never, never think anything poor of yourself when you give an all out honest effort to revitalize yourself and the world around you. As we leave you with these words, remember that you make a huge difference in your life and in the life of so many others. Allow for the flow of love to fill your souls, as your attention to adjoining with Spirit has filled our essence with love. May peace always be the centerpiece of your life.

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Diane said...

Never has there been a time in my life that I have been so aware of Spirit surrounding and protecting me, as well as my family and friends. I feel that I can't say thank you enough for their help. It is more than wonderful to hear a thank you back. They are acknowledging us and showing such incredible love that you can actually feel it.

Does that sound too corny? Maybe it does, but I had to say it.