Monday, October 27, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--October 28, 2008

In order for you to understand the benefits of living in a life connected to the awesomeness of a spiritual path, you must remember the following message. A bird can only fly if it has a left wing and a right wing. For anyone to think they can live life devoid of a Higher Presence will only create a torrent of motion and flapping that gets you to no place. If you embrace the "two wing" theory, and honor that there is a much more helpful energy, then your life will quickly become more balanced. When you flap your wings, they will let you soar. Like the eagle, you will be able to scan the plains--your life--while feeling more in control of your own destiny. We want you to feel like you can gain the justice and level of comfort in your everyday existence that you can see or portray in your mind's eye. That being said, why would you not want to work in unison with the true regal power? Why would you not want to expand your abilities to be on solid ground by utilizing the true yin-yang of the Universe? Spirit wants to enrich you every step of the way, but cannot do so without your participation. Hopefully, you will all understand what I am saying because we want you to have the power to soar to magnificent heights. Mostly, Spirit wants to envelop you with a bounty of love, success and infinite peace. Let us be your wing. These are the spoken words of Spirit.

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