Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--October 20, 2008

See yourself in a bubble of serenity. Make sure you don't allow others to dictate your demeanor. Many times, we find that people embrace--subconsciously--the annoyances that those around them can cause. This is done on many levels, for many reasons. Some people are quietly manipulative and will do whatever it takes to extract the level of control they want. The odd thing is that for many of them it is done on an unconscious basis, mostly developed through years of getting their way; some times precipitated because they didn't. Some prey on your happiness to make sure they will not have to share whatever it is that they want with you or anyone else. This causes insecurity and disruptions in your own personal situations, whatever that may be. Others can be victimized by this behavior and not even be aware of it.

The purpose of this message is to let each of you know that you are empowered to see through the self-serving needs of others. You only need to know that if you feel uncomfortable about someone or something said to you that it will dissipate if you learn to trust in your higher self, as well as the Higher Side. It boils down to something we have said in the past. If you LG and LG, then LG. The translation is, "If you Let go and Let God, then Life's good."

In essence, we are telling you to do whatever it takes for you to become calm, stable and serene. If there are repeat offenders causing you problems, it may be time for you to disconnect, no matter what it is. This isn't to say that you should walk out of any relationship that bothers you, but instead take a few seconds or minutes to refocus and empower yourself, as well as to diminish the importance of the troubling person or circumstance. In this Universe, only things that you give power to will have power over you. It is important that you simply think about what we have just shared with you.

If you are still uncertain and feeling cornered, we are here for you. Someone is always available to you. We leave you with blessings and protection. These are the spoken words of Spirit.

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