Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--October 29, 2008

It amazes us that the human society can over complicate the reality of the other side of the divide so easily. Have you met God today? We bet you may have met Him or Her or Them of It or---well, do you get it? There is a protection available to all of you in many different ways. Perhaps you were about at your wits end and stumbled upon someone who could make life seem much clearer. They may have made you feel comforted, intrigued, excited, or loved. Maybe you were given the guidance and "Light at the end of the tunnel" that you needed to absorb. Have you met one of Spirit's avatars--our Light bearers--or just a small bird to make you smile? In spirit, we think all of you have. Some day it might just be words that make a difference in your perception. Other days, it may come in the form of an actual deed or gift of service from somebody more entrenched in the workings of Spirit. Some days it can come from you!

Today is one of those days when we ask that you never give up on your positive expectations of life. We would have used "hope" instead of expectations, but that tends to be too open and makes your needs seem irrelevant at times. This might just be spiritual semantics, yet it is important enough to state it to you so that none of you ever give up on your quest for happiness. It is also quite possible that you can be God's tool to bring that sense of happiness to others. Although these next lines may sound unusual to some of you, they are vital for your spiritual growth. Are you able to give back to those who are clarifying your life for you? Are you an avatar of Spirit? Before answering "no" to that, consider that you are all an individual piece of the Highest Power. Collectively, we are a whole, therefore, without you the world would be a very different place. Today, spend time reflecting on what a difference you have made and will make in the future. Who are you going to help to feel a part of the whole? These are the spoken words of Spirit.

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