Friday, October 3, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--October 4, 2008

We need to bring life to a fever pitch of peace, protection and prosperity. It is through the art of embracing peace that will bring all of it to you. All people are challenged at different points in their lives. For some, it can happen on a daily basis. This "some" would basically be everyone. Perhaps we are leading you towards understanding that the quickest way to remedy the problems at hand are to mentally step back and breathe in some peace. The easiest approach to fulfill this type of behavior is to simply close your eyes for a moment or two when you are feeling stressed, verbally assaulted, uneasy about something, or just going through a bout of anxiety. That allows you to bring into your mental view a couple of things. First, you must ask yourself if you want to give power to the situation or person that is bothering you. Second, is to ask yourself if you want to break the cycle of discouragement that many people feel. Spirit rarely assumes anything, given the "free will" factor, however, for the purpose of this message we will take the chance that you are not looking to stay frustrated and stuck. As long as you understand the two questions we laid out, then you are ready to simply envision, feel or stimulate in any way, the sense of peace you want. Take a second or two to absorb tranquility and envision something happy that you would like in your immediate world. We can guarantee that if this is done with conviction and trust, then the reward will be an escape from the chains of anger and despair. Let the love of life and Light be yours throughout today and all days, all the time. These are the spoken words of spirit.

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Diane said...

What beautiful words, and how necessary this lesson is. It is so true that giving our power away to a situation or another person can be stopped and many of our "problems" can be fixed, if we just sit back and think for a few minutes, or try to meditate. God and Spirit always show us the way, if we just take to time to look and listen. I don't always do that. Thank you for the reminder.