Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--October 17, 2008

We lift your heart to the heart of God and Spirit. Our attempt is to get each of you to understand that there is a level of love that goes beyond what each of you think. In spirit, we can find ways to bring you incredible life partners, or even give you the joy of having an adoring pet come to rescue you from your emotional abyss. You may be lifted up by being averted from a horrible accident, simply by making the phone ring, or placing a thought in your head that you have to go back and check something before you leave. Spirit can make you smile by bringing a singing bird to your window, or allowing you to be in the right place to catch a rolling dollar bill as it flaps precisely by you.
Our intent today and everyday is to make you aware that even though you may not be physically able to see things, God and Spirit are still with you. We want you to know that no matter how frustrated you may feel on any given day, God and Spirit are there. It is our desire to enrich your lives, however, it is your responsibility to embrace the messages given to you and to spread the word of love and Light.
As your life unfolds today and each day, please do your best to extend the same sentiments we have just given you to others. Also, at any given time, if you ever feel like you are slipping away from enjoying life, make sure you reach out to anyone who can physically fill the role of a loving Spirit. These are the spoken words of Spirit.

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