Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--October 2, 2008

"Whoa is me." It's an attitude that condones the desire to receive more reasons to feel woeful. Today's thoughts are to be aware of your self-endowed negative-speak. Are you truly thinking about the language you are relaying to the Universe? So many times, Spirit tells you to be positive in thought, optimistic in actions. What we do not redundantly stress is that your actual thoughts, all that chatter that runs through your mind, is frequently sabotaging your desire to have life become beautiful from all standpoints. So, what are we saying? We want you to be on alert for all the negative thoughts and comments that come from you. It makes no difference whether they are orated or that they are just simply a rambling idea or thought in your mind. Do not feel frightened by this when you start to realize how often these things float into and out of your consciousness from your subconscious. It is Spirit's attempt to modify the causes of some of your stress. Quite frankly, Spirit wants you to succeed and feel relevant as we see all people as perfect souls only trying to learn to be harmonious in all your achievements. The thing is we know for a fact that you are, but it is you who needs to trust and improve on your inner messages that actually have far reaching power in the cosmic sense. May today bring you to a path of joy and luxurious peace, as you deserve it. These are the spoken words of spirit.

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