Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--June 10, 2009

Living life properly will bring a lifetime of contentment and happiness. In addition, it will allow you to live a life free of regrets. Perhaps this is a simplification of many of our messages to you. When you exist in a state of controlled emotions, it allows for you to always be ready to handle any adversity that may come to you. It enables you to be a leader by example; one who shows others that to survive with joy in your heart that it will always bring a sense of satisfaction. This is important if you truly desire to live with the quality of gratification as the centerpiece of your being.

Speaking of desire, we might tell you that to have such an emotion is only helpful when your intentions are pure. Desire for the wrong things is never good. In other words, when you have an aspiration to get something out of envy of another, or to get even with someone, then desire is no good. However, when you approach your goal with a pure heart and mind, the results will be that the universe rewards you much more quickly. It is then even more viable when you show gratitude for the spiritually given gifts by sharing your desired results with others who can benefit from some assistance. What actually happens is that you generate more goodness for others to learn how to take it and share it, thus continuing a positive energy for the world to harmonize with.

By living in this divine way, Nirvana will always be favorable. Your physical lives are meant to be enjoyed as much as possible. Therefore, by following the wisdom of Spirits’ words to you, your enlightenment in your spiritual journey will become grand. It is with the love of God, or any of the Masters in the land of love and joy, that your life will be enhanced in many ways. Always try to exist in an attitude of forgiveness. Make sure you take time to forgive yourself first if you feel you have made any in mistakes. While we share with you the best way to feel serene, ultimately it is your choice to abide by it. Knowing that we will never give up in our efforts to teach you to be supreme human beings, your life should be deemed as filled with success, happiness and contentment. That is our desire for you. May you embrace The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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Diane said...

I am not sure what it means to "exist in a state of controlled emotions." Does it mean to just seek guidance from our angels and Spirit in all situations, knowing everything is happening for a reason, kind of like this too shall pass?

Jim Fargiano said...

I think what that line refers to is to simply not get too high or low in your thoughts and feelings. Ultimately, everything we stress over will dissipate, which means that we will have expended a lot of energy worrying about something that will be resolved. This does not mean that you should live without emotions, but with the knowledge that you are protected just because you are a child of God.

Diane said...

Thank you Jim. I am the perfect candidate for that line, since I am so emotional and worry and stress a lot, although I have improved vastly!